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Bringing families together in a learning community dedicated to the celebration of diversity and excellence in early care and education

Meeting the needs of the whole child through play, experimentation and investigation.

Save the Date – Annual Spring Fundraiser

Save the Date for the Annual Spring Fundraiser!

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Screen on the Green September 2014!

Roxbury Weston Preschool presented “Screen on the Green” on September 19th, with many families enjoying “Rio 2” & a pizza dinner on the Weston Town Green. Roxbury Weston Preschool is the longest running voluntarily desegregated education program in the United States. It is a wonderful community that encourages diversity, education and friendship amongst children of all backgrounds. We are thrilled to be preparing for our program’s 50th Anniversary in 2015!

(L-R) Baker Mackey, Luke Betty, Matthew Tilton, Sam Whitworth

(L-R) Baker Mackey, Luke Betty, Matthew Tilton, Sam Whitworth

(L-R) Felix Martin & Mac Whitworth

(L-R) Felix Martin & Mac Whitworth

(L-R) Luke Betty, Carter Calzini, Grant Berry, Reid Betty, Akul Srinivasan

(L-R) Luke Betty, Carter Calzini, Grant Berry, Reid Betty, Akul Srinivasan

(L-R) Kevin Kirmelewicz, Olivia Kirmelewicz, Tina Kurkjian, Maison Kirmelewicz, Ryan  Kirmelewicz, Kelly Kirmelewicz, Alex Kurkjian

(L-R) Kevin Kirmelewicz, Olivia Kirmelewicz, Tina Kurkjian, Maison Kirmelewicz, Ryan Kirmelewicz, Kelly Kirmelewicz, Alex Kurkjian

Off to Kindergarten!

Today is the last day of another school year! As I sit here looking out the window at the playground, I see children who have grown socially, emotionally and physically this past year.

It seems like we were just starting up in September, getting to know the children, learning the routine of school, exploring the school environment, adjusting to the bus schedule, meeting new families and today is here. It has been a great year!

I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for trusting us with your child. You have done a beautiful job with your child(ren) and we have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. Your support has been tremendous and we could not have done it without you.

Check out our glorious bunch of graduates who we are so proud of as they head off to kindergarten.








Have a wonderful and safe summer! We look forward to seeing all the returning students this fall.


Ingrid Mansfield, Rox Wes Preschool Director

Photos: Happenings at Roxbury Weston Preschool

By Gatehouse Media (July 10, 2011) The children at Roxbury Weston Preschool recently enjoyed a curriculum on insects and learned about the life cycle of the butterfly, as well as took their annual field trip to the swan boat ride at Boston’s Public Garden…..

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Looking Back at Roxbury Weston Programs

By Kara Fleming, Gatehouse Media

(November 13, 2009) I recently met a Weston man who not only met Martin Luther King Jr., but marched with him – twice. His wife fought for desegregated education because Weston’s School Committee declined the invitation to become a part of Metco its first year. She and a friend of mine challenged the School Committee’s decision by launching an integrated preschool to prove the point that education is a right, not a privilege, and that exposing children to diversity lays the groundwork to acceptance and forward thinking.

This school year marks the 43rd year that the Roxbury Weston Preschool has been in operation. It started because people like Rev. Harry Hoehler, his wife Rev. Judith Hoehler, my friend Gene Ritvo and so many other Weston families (Elliston, Fish, Coburn, Sears, Baer and Fay) strongly believed in racial equality and that we all can learn by accepting differences.

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History of Community Support for Roxbury Weston Programs

By Kara M. Fleming, GateHouse News Service (Oct 09, 2008)

It was a beautiful, late summer afternoon on Sept. 20 and on the First Parish playground families from Boston, Weston, Wayland, Wellesley and Sudbury gathered to visit with old friends, make new ones, and celebrate the start of a new school year as the Roxbury Weston Preschool unveiled a new play structure.

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Challenge Grant Awarded to Roxbury Weston Preschool

(May 1, 20o8) The gauntlet has been thrown and the challenge issued: Who else will help give a child access to a brighter future?

The Roxbury Weston Programs, a section 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, has been awarded a generous challenge grant for the Roxbury Weston Preschool by an anonymous donor who has issued a match challenge for the preschool’s scholarship fund.

It has always been the philosophy and mission in the 43 year history of RoxWes to provide full access to a high quality education, which has been upheld through their scholarship fund. The program creates an intentional environment of race, class and culture and speaks to diversity, cultural awareness and equal access for all. The preschool, which is accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), equally serves the MetroWest suburbs and Boston neighborhoods.

The donor, whose generosity throughout the years has helped many RoxWes children, was adamant to remain anonymous. However, the individual wants others to realize just how powerful the RoxWes scholarships are. Not only do the scholarships directly benefit the children and families who need them, especially now as tough economic times are severely impacting the families’ finances, but they also serve the community at large.

Leading early childhood education research has found that a high quality preschool education helps children achieve far more in elementary school through high school and beyond by providing them with the self-confidence and skills necessary to learn. The children also develop better language and social skills and have fewer behavioral problems.

According to the research, these children will transition into kindergarten better and adapt to elementary grades better than those who do not receive a high quality preschool education. Children are better prepared in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, math reasoning and problem solving. These children will score higher on MCAS tests and will perform better in middle and high school grades, effectively closing the achievement gap, which is now wider than ever.

Furthermore, the same research found that children who had received high quality early education are less likely to drop out of high school, are less likely to be dependent on welfare or arrested for criminal activity. The same studies also show higher rates of college entrance and graduation. As adults, they become more engaged as citizens, and become skilled productive workers who can meet future labor force demands.

The achievement gap is in place by the time a child is five years old, which is why access to high quality preschool is so important to closing the gap. But quality is not always affordable. Children who are placed in day care centers that do not meet high quality education standards, have no qualified teachers, no curriculum aimed at the child’s developmental growth and no educational support for school success will suffer educationally.

Rising living costs are heavily affecting those in the lower middle income brackets but they do not qualify for state education subsidies because they simply make too much money in the eyes of the state. Even paying a subsidized tuition is becoming a huge financial burden. This is a growing situation that is not specific to any one town.

Roxbury Weston Programs, which houses the preschool and the NAEYC accredited after school program CATCH, does not receive any state funds. All the money available for scholarships is raised through generous donations and grants, but the need is far exceeding the supply. Approximately half of the children enrolled in the preschool and most of the children at CATCH receive a subsidized tuition rate or a full scholarship.

The Roxbury Weston Preschool’s NAEYC accreditation has been maintained for ten years with commendations for excellence. It is considered to be the “gold standard” in education accreditation and is the mark of high quality in early education and care. Only 17% of the state’s school-based pre-kindergarten programs are accredited.

Challenge grants are not uncommon in the fields of arts and humanities as well as education. It is a method used to create more awareness and funds for a particular non-profit. To learn more about Roxbury Weston Programs, its scholarship fund, or the benefits of a high quality early education, please visit the various webpages here or call 781-891-6710.

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Patch 2012 Readers Choice Names Rox Wes Best Preschool

March 2012: Weston Patch readers voted, and Roxbury Weston preschool was voted the best preschool or day care in Weston! Thanks so much to our extended Rox Wes community for voicing your support. Click here for the full story.



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