Dear Families, Friends and Supporters:

As we move into our 52nd year, Roxbury Weston Programs remains the longest running, voluntarily integrated educational program in the country. We are very proud that our program is built upon a mission to bring families together in a learning community dedicated to the celebration of diversity and excellence in early care and education. Roxbury Weston’s unique community is committed to meeting the educational needs of the whole child and encouraging friendship amongst children of all backgrounds.

We would like to share with you a story about a group of current eighth grade boys: Akul, Peter, Tye, Reid, Joshua, Amare, and Henry, who began building their friendships when they were three years old at Roxbury Weston Preschool, and who are still friends today! Several of these boys became partners in the Metco Family Friend program in elementary school, and over the years, the Weston families have become a local “home away from home” for the Boston boys in these Family Friend pairings. Despite living in different towns and coming from diverse backgrounds, at Roxbury Weston they learned the value of strong friendships and the importance of accepting differences. This is a consistent theme in the teaching and learning that goes on at Roxbury Weston still today. This group of Roxbury Weston alumni came back together again this summer for a reunion pool party and invited their preschool teachers to join them! As eighth graders, these boys and their families recognize what an impact their formative days in preschool have made on their lives.

We had the opportunity to speak to a number of their parents:

Caitlin, parent of Henry, says, “Roxbury Weston taught our boys what it means to be a part of a group. That invaluable lesson has carried over into the classroom beyond preschool, onto the sports field, and within the greater community.”

Abby, parent to Peter, told us, “As my son now finishes up middle school, he has constantly said that Roxbury Weston was his favorite school EVER. The friendships he made as a 3 year old continue to be the deepest friend relationships he has … to the kids, there was no Boston or Weston, it was just wonderful friends!”

Robin, mother to Tye, says “RoxWes instilled in the boys the fact that they are much more similar than they are different. They connected from such an early age and are able to share wonderful memories together… our experience has really been a blessing!”

All of these parents feel that their time together at Roxbury Weston built the foundation for these friendships, a foundation based on celebrating diversity and acceptance. At Roxbury Weston we continue to provide transportation and scholarships in order to bring our Boston children out to Weston each school day so that they can experience an excellent early education program. By bringing together urban and suburban children in a supportive, dynamic, and creative environment at such a young age, Roxbury Weston is working to lay the foundation for generations of students who embody the principles of cooperation, understanding, and acceptance towards others.

Your support is vital to Roxbury Weston. We rely on donations to operate the preschool and fund scholarships, enabling us to live our mission each day and provide quality education affordable for all.

Please join us this year by supporting Roxbury Weston Programs so that our current and future children can have the same valuable experiences that the boys you met today have had. Each dollar we raise directly benefits the children we serve, not only today, but into the future. We welcome you to donate online if you prefer: please see below or visit

We thank you for your ongoing support.


Kait Whitworth & Elizabeth O’Connell
President and Secretary, Board of Trustees
Roxbury Weston Programs, Inc.