By Kara Fleming, Gatehouse Media

(November 13, 2009) I recently met a Weston man who not only met Martin Luther King Jr., but marched with him – twice. His wife fought for desegregated education because Weston’s School Committee declined the invitation to become a part of Metco its first year. She and a friend of mine challenged the School Committee’s decision by launching an integrated preschool to prove the point that education is a right, not a privilege, and that exposing children to diversity lays the groundwork to acceptance and forward thinking.

This school year marks the 43rd year that the Roxbury Weston Preschool has been in operation. It started because people like Rev. Harry Hoehler, his wife Rev. Judith Hoehler, my friend Gene Ritvo and so many other Weston families (Elliston, Fish, Coburn, Sears, Baer and Fay) strongly believed in racial equality and that we all can learn by accepting differences.

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